Tailor-made projects

Cardboard sculptures

Decorate and illuminate your spaces with sustainable cardboard and wood creations. Handmade in Barcelona by the designer and artist, Félix Lozal. Our bespoke projects are designed to provide original, handcrafted and sustainable solutions for companies and professionals.

The range of creation and possibilities is very wide, whether for itinerant installations or for permanent decoration, we are prepared to adapt to all the needs and requirements so that your event or venue is up to standard.

Some of our custom collaborations for professionals: 

  • Interior design and window dressing: Restaurant La Boquería
  • Ephemeral installations: Christmas Factory
  • Fashion: Jewelry
  • Scenography: Opera Hor, Passejada amb barret, Roman Quarter
  • Advertising: Tuscany landscape model
  • Merchandising and packaging: Sant Jordi 25 years Liceu Roses

Cardboard art in Barcelona

I am Félix Lozal, creator, lamp designer and multidisciplinary craftsman recognised by Artesanía de Catalunya. I work with cardboard in a particular way; I make pieces of natural fibres that move between sculpture and interior design. Throughout my career I have accumulated experience in different disciplines, all of them related to the world of aesthetics, focusing mainly on art where I have made several collaborations with artists, especially in the field of large-format ephemeral installations.

I have focused my work on three disciplines that sometimes differ and sometimes overlap: sculpture, interior design and window dressing or scenography.

Decoration of chandeliers in a restaurant dining room

Design lamps barcelona

If you are interested in the products of our shop for any of your projects, or you want more information about our custom-made projects, please write us through this contact form or to info@felixlozal.com