Tension is form

Here, the artist's gaze is directed towards the search for new forms of creation with cardboard, respecting its structure as a material but investigating the forms that arise when it is tensioned and assembled.

As a result of the results obtained by applying this technique on cardboard, it was decided to incorporate the most basic wood to work it as if it were strips of cardboard. This is how the 5 pieces that make up the collection are born.

Lamps made of cardboard

Discover the collection of lamps made of cardboard in our online store. Our collection "Tension is form" arises from the experimentation of tensioning and assembling each piece. Handmade lamps by designer Felix Lozal that are made with corrugated cardboard and natural fibre. We create sustainable lighting pieces to decorate your spaces with unique designs. If you have any request you can contact us through the form.