Organic lighting

Sculptures and lamps handmade by the designer Felix Lozal from natural fibers. Unique and customizable designs.

More than just art

Reflections on the process of creating the "MARINA" spheres

Lamp from the Marina collection in a dining room

The Art of Cardboard

The Art of Cardboard in Barcelona has a name: Félix Lozal. Every material, no matter how insignificant, shines when we understand its essence and, for Félix, rediscovering the materials of our daily life is the essence of his work. You can buy his creations made with cardboard in his studio, an industrial building from the late 19th century, located in the Raval district of Barcelona, and now also in his online shop, without contact and from the comfort of your home.

Cardboard Lamps

Felix Lozal makes his creations with 100% manual processes, minimizing the use of machinery, 90% biodegradable products and assembly materials already manufactured in the market. His pieces move between sculpture and design: lamps, furniture, sculptures and also a section of jewelry. Much of his work is made with cardboard, now also incorporates the wood plate treating it with the same processes of manipulation of cardboard. Originality is assured.